Investor Compensation Scheme

The purpose of the investor compensation is to cover claims that have arisen due to the fact that a bank or other financial service provider has been unable




to pay back funds that are owed or that belong to investors and that are held for their account in connection with investment services, or




to return financial instruments to the investors that belong to them and that are held, kept in custody or managed for their account in connection with investment services and activities

according to the applicable statutory and contractual conditions.
If the so-called "compensation case" occurs at a Liechtenstein financial service provider (that is in an pre-existing contractual relationship with EAS) due to a event of default, the respective cell of the Deposit Guarantee and Investor Compensation Foundation PCC (EAS) that is affected by the compensation case will pay out funds from the existing cell assets to cover the claims of eligible investors up to a maximum of CHF 30,000 or the equivalent of this amount in another currency.

EAS offers the following cells for Liechtenstein financial service providers:

  • Investment firms cell, for investment firms according to the Liechtenstein Banking Act (BankG)
  • Asset managers cell, for asset management companies according to the Liechtenstein Asset Management Act (VVG)
  • Management companies/AIFM cell for management companies according to the Liechtenstein Collective Investment in Transferable Securities Act (UCITSG) and alternative investment fund managers according to Liechtenstein Alternative Investment Fund Managers Act (AIMFG)

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