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We are the responsible institution for statutory deposit protection and investor compensation in Liechtenstein. As a combined protection scheme, we protect clients of Liechtenstein banks and other financial service providers in a crisis (insolvency, bankruptcy), thereby safeguarding confidence in the Liechtenstein financial centre and promoting the stability of the financial system.

Our foundation was established in 2001 by the Liechtenstein Bankers Association (LBA) and since 2015 has taken the legal form of a protected cell company (PCC). The foundation is preceded by the Foundation Board as the governing body. Operational responsibility and day-to-day business are transferred to the Secretariat appointed by the Foundation Board (core of the foundation). The scheme units responsible for funding and settlement for deposit protection and investor compensation are each structured in separate, distinct cells. The Financial Market Authority  Liechtenstein (FMA) is our competent supervisory authority.

Liechtenstein is a member of the European Economic Area (EEA). Therefore, we consistently apply the regulatory framework of the European Union (EU) and the European Banking Authority (EBA). We are a member of the European Forum of Deposit Insurers (EFDI) and are represented, together with the FMA, in the EBA Task Force on Deposit Guarantee Schemes (EBA TFDGS).




The European and national legal requirements as well as the Articles of Associations can be found in the download area.


Foundation Board

Ivo Klein, President
LGT Bank Ltd.

Fredy Wolfinger, Vice-President
Association of Independent Asset Managers in Liechtenstein (VuVL)

Christoph Reich
Liechtensteinische Landesbank AG (LLB)

Roger Barmettler
VP Bank Ltd.

Melanie Mündle
Bank Frick & Co. AG

David Gamper
Liechtenstein Investment Fund Association (LAFV)

Claudia Jehle-Ospelt


Dr. Anneka Beccarelli
Deputy Managing Director

+423 222 09 33